The Benefits of Making Your Attraction Cashless

The Benefits of Making Your Attraction Cashless

February 28, 2022

Due to the pandemic, many attractions implemented cashless payments to help reduce the spread of the virus through money exchange. However, even after the pandemic has ended, contactless and cashless payments remain on the rise across the visitor attraction industry.

With this in mind, it may be time to convert your attraction to being completely cashless. Opting to do this will reduce your queues, allow quicker transactions, enhance your CRM database and improve customer satisfaction. Not to mention, it’ll also increase the safety of your attraction, as there will be no cash on site.

As technology improves, it’s integral that your attraction evolves with it. There are a number of benefits with going cashless from reducing queues and improve customer satisfaction to gathering useful data and information about your customers. Making your attraction cashless will also leave your customers feeling happier and safer within your grounds:

Reduce wait times and improve customer satisfaction

Getting your customers to purchase their tickets online 24/7, 365 days a year, reduces the need for cash on site and is one of the best ways to reduce large queues

Offering a variety of ways for tickets to be purchased will reduce admission time drastically, whether it’s by QR codes located around the entrance of your attraction or through having a proficient online ticketing software. With their tickets printed at home or on their phone, your customers will be able to efficiently scan their way into the attraction far faster than having your employees check each individual ticket.

Having a feature that offers a variety of ticket types such as capacity limited tickets, timed tickets, and wristband tickets will allow you to take further control of your attraction. Not only this, but utilising a powerful ticketing software system can increase your online sales by 100%!

Create incentives that will increase revenue and customer returns

When you opt to go cashless, you will be able to track your customers spending as they travel throughout your attraction. With each purchase made on-site, transactions will be recorded and stored in your CRM database. Additionally to this, if your customer is a member of your attraction, this information will also be added to their membership database.

With a powerful solution, you can hold over 5 million-customer records with a CRM system and manage up to 2.5 million memberships.

Collecting this data will allow you to create effective incentives for each of your customers to increase the chances of them returning. By offering targeted promotions or discounts, you will see an increase in returning customers and overall revenue.

Better your business

In addition to gaining deeper insight into your customer’s spending, you will be able to see what the most popular purchases are across your attraction are, from your food and drink sales to the events you hold. Using this knowledge, you will be able to make the appropriate steps in improving your attraction by stocking more of the best sellers and adding additional dates of the most popular events.

Improve your customers’ health and safety

In our current climate, going cashless will improve the safety of your customers as it will reduce the spread of viruses due to no money being exchanged. Reassuring your customers that their health and safety is a priority will encourage them to visit (or return) to your attraction.

Additional benefits:

In having a no-cash policy your employees and customers will feel safer with the knowledge that they will not have to be worried about any theft taking place on-site.

With queues being shorter due to the fast cashless transactions and self-service payment options being available across your attraction, more employees will be able to concentrate on your customer’s experience. Through engaging with them, supporting them if they have any problems and overall putting the customer’s experience as the priority. This in turn will see also see an increase in returns, spending and positive customer reviews.

Partner Recognition

One of our partners Jack in The Box went cashless and began using timed-tickets for their venue and restaurants during 2021, when many Covid-19 rules and restrictions were put in place.

Since the rules have been lifted, Jack in The Box have continued to use the same cashless system and timed ticketed feature as they have seen many benefits since the switch. When restricting their customers to a certain timescale, they not only saw an increase in customer turnaround but also their total revenue.

“Because of Covid, we went completely cashless as a temporary measure – but we will never go back to cash! The extra fees from the card provider more or less balance with the savings on bank charges and cash collection fee. But the real saving is in time and hassle! There are fewer mistakes, queues are shorter, and we no longer have the hassle of collecting and holding large amounts of coins for change. We even saved on insurance for not holding cash.”

Ken Lunn, Director of Jack in the Box

Choosing Vennersys

Will you be joining Jack in The Box and the many other attractions around the world taking the next step in their attraction and opting to go cashless?

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your software to one of our many features mentioned above, or to our events & facilities management, stock management and animal adoption features, we will support you and do in-person training to ensure you’re completely comfortable with our integrated software features as part of our VenposCloud solution.

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