How Rural Attractions Can Improve The Customer Experience

How Rural Attractions Can Improve The Customer Experience

November 19, 2021

Rural attractions are known for their charm and beauty. However, while these attractions provide scenic experiences in the natural world, away from busy city life, the remote location and natural surroundings can create problems that impact the very systems that are used to ensure the attraction is operating effectively.

In the past, this might have meant implementing manual ticketing admissions processes, which is both a costly and time-consuming procedure. Today, many historic houses and outdoor attractions are utilising technology to ensure management processes function smoothly. Our VenposCloud software is designed to remove the common struggles you may face with your existing systems.

Below, we’ve outlined some ways that your visitor attraction can streamline its ticketing and admissions software to improve the customer experience.

1. Invest in your ticketing and visitor management processes

Investing in new software for your visitor attraction doesn’t have to involve complicated installations and interruption for your business. If you opt for an integrated cloud-based management system, you can improve communication between different points throughout your attraction, saving time and hassle for your team.

Not only this, but an integrated cloud-based ticketing and visitor management platform has offline capabilities, so you don’t need the strong Wi-Fi connection across your premises that many visitor systems require.

2. Integrate technology throughout your attraction

While many people visit rural attractions precisely to get away from the daily exposure to technology, implementing cloud-based software throughout your attraction doesn’t have to conflict with its natural beauty.

Cloud-based ticketing and management software enables attractions to integrate technology at various points across the attraction. As all customer touch points are wirelessly connected, each outlet can communicate in a way that saves time for staff and ensures your attraction does not exceed capacity.

For example, for a limited ticket event, some people may prebook online, and others may buy tickets on the day. Cloud based software will ensure that only the available number of tickets are sold, whether purchased online or at the attraction, so that ticket holders can enjoy the event comfortably and safely.

3. Focus on customer experience throughout the sales journey

VenposCloud software enables you to easily create and manage memberships to your attraction – from registering new members to quick printing of membership cards. The online portal also allows you to view all the data in one place, so that you can easily edit or update them.

The cloud-based system also enables you to track your visitors’ journeys, so you know how often they visit, and where they spend money within the grounds (on food, or the gift shop, for example.) This way, you can send tailored rewards, discounts, and access to exclusive events, reminding your customers that you appreciate them.

How Vennersys can help:

Our VenposCloud system can bring many tangible benefits to your rural attraction, including increased visitor spend, improved customer service, reduced queues, increased uptake of charitable donations and easy membership management.

With a cloud-based platform, our system is easily accessible, no matter your location. Discover more about how we have helped Hurst Castle implement new visitor management software.

At Vennersys, we pride ourselves not only on the quality of our software, but also on the quality of our staff. The teams extensive experience enables them to help our customers in a variety of ways – from troubleshooting and repairing, to first-line problem solving.

If you’re looking to streamline and simplify your processes, talk to our team today to request a demo. Email or call 01922 472 044.