Why Your Cloud-Based Attraction Ticketing Software Needs Offline Capabilities

Why Your Cloud-Based Attraction Ticketing Software Needs Offline Capabilities

July 7, 2021

As lockdown eases, we’re starting to see a significant uplift in the number of visitors to attractions. Data provided by Decision House and presented via the ALVA webinar series indicates that this upward trend is likely to continue, however, a significant majority of potential visitors still want to see some control measures being retained.

Debate continues about the date there should be a full unlocking of rules, however, yesterday Boris Johnson announced that we’re aiming for a full revoking of all restrictions following July 19th.

Whatever happens with the date, we anticipate that summer 2021 is going to be a bumper year for local attractions as families look for certainty in their future plans. Attractions that maintain the ability to control guest numbers and avoid perceptions of potential overcrowding will prosper in this environment. With this comes an opportunity, and arguably a fiscal obligation, to improve the visitor experience, as well as save time for staff, with sophisticated technology to streamline your visitor management processes.

Smart, cloud-based technology such as VenposCloud can even work offline, meaning that your venue or attraction doesn’t need to benefit from high-speed Internet across its entire premises. This is especially beneficial for older premises, those within remote locations and venues with large outdoor areas that require ticketed access at certain points.

At Vennersys, we can provide attraction ticketing software that is suited to the individual needs of your establishment, whether you’re looking to improve your ticketing processes, speed up event admission or reduce your paper consumption.

We’ve outlined 3 reasons why your business could benefit from our smart technology:

Digitise your ticketing process without the need for costly infrastructure

There’s no clearer way to demonstrate to potential visitors that you’re taking your obligations around crowd seriously than to introduce time and capacity-controlled advance bookings.

You may already want to implement a digital ticketing system, but be dissuaded by the potential costs, downtime and inconvenience of implementing a high-speed Internet connection that can cover each ticketed location.

With VenposCloud, you can mitigate the downtime and set-up frustration by using the ability to work offline, meaning your ticketing data can be stored in the software without the need to constantly connect to the internet. Working offline, your admissions for the day can be loaded into the system and accessed at each ticketing point, giving you an easier way to digitise your systems without the unnecessary upheaval.

This is particularly beneficial for attractions that operate in rural areas or rely on older Internet systems that can’t quickly or easily be swapped to a more up-to-date infrastructure.

Speed up the admissions process

Not only can digitising your ticketing process help make the process of admitting visitors much easier, but it can also make it quicker. If, while currently working offline, you use spreadsheets or paper to monitor your admissions and capacity, you may find that the process can become unnecessarily time consuming and obstructive, especially in busier times. This is also true for those using an older system.

With attraction ticketing technology like VenposCloud, you can speed this process up even while working offline. This can help you remove the hassle of searching for and manually signing in guests whilst even managing capacity, as queues will be able to go down quicker.

Facilitate better communication between your departments

Communication can be a significant issue for large attractions with multiple ticketing points and events, especially ones that use older or more manual methods for managing visitor admission. This is because the process of communicating capacity, entry types and visitor details between different departments can be lengthy and time-consuming, not to mention the difficulties of ensuring admin for each area is up to date.

By implementing a cloud-based ticketing platform, you can facilitate faster, more streamlined communication between each department. This is because visitor information is stored digitally, meaning each part of the process can be updated as changes are made, with live data feeding through.

How Can Vennersys Help?

At Vennersys, we supply cloud-based technology to a wide range of businesses, all with different requirements and working methods. Following the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve been working hard to support businesses and venues across the UK with our smart and adaptable technology, helping to facilitate quicker, easier and more cost-effective methods of getting the tourism industry back on track better than ever before.

If you’d like to speak to a member of the Vennersys team about your offline ticketing software requirements, please contact us on 01922 472 044 or email info@vennersys.com.