How a visitor management system can improve the customer experience

How a visitor management system can improve the customer experience

March 1, 2021

At your visitor attraction, it’s imperative that the customer experience remains at the forefront of your business’s strategy. As the constant development of technology and digitalisation changes the way in which society functions, it’s imperative that you constantly adapt to the changing expectations, needs and desires of your customers.

For example, the Internet means that whatever your customers want is often just a click away. This as a whole has made society a little less patient. Luckily, visitor management systems are a game-changer for UK attractions, allowing you to reduce queue and waiting times while improving the customer experience.

Why is the customer experience important?

As a result of the speed in which technology is developing, visitor attractions are able to gain a more extensive understanding of their customer’s experiences. For example, you can gather feedback through online surveys, reviews and social media at a quicker pace than previously possible.

The speed at which this information can be gathered should be matched by your attraction’s ability to give your customers what they want and deliver above their expectations. With local and global competition, a customer-centric approach that is consistent across all touchpoints is integral to ensure your business develops a reputation for a great customer experience.

As the government announces the roadmap out of lockdown, people across the country are making plans for their summer. With a plethora of options to choose from, your customers have a significant amount of power. It, therefore, remains essential that a remarkable and standardised experience is provided.

How can you improve the customer experience with a visitor management system?

When a customer visits your attraction, they want to spend as much time as possible doing what they came to do. Whether that’s seeing animals at your farm or wildlife park or exploring your museum; they don’t want to be kept waiting.

A visitor management system can quickly and easily process admissions, food orders and the sale of tickets in your attraction, leading to a reduction in queues and waiting time for your visitors across all touchpoints. This leads to a better customer experience for your visitors.

At Vennerys, our VenposCloud utilises a common-sense journey when processing transactions, which is very simple for staff to follow. Not only this, but the powerful capabilities of VenposCloud allow the system to process multiple transactions including memberships, gift vouchers, gift aid, food orders and advance tickets for events.

If you’re interested in offering a truly great customer experience, please call our expert team on 01922 472044 or email to see what we can do for you.