How to Solve Common Issues with Visitor Management Systems

How to Solve Common Issues with Visitor Management Systems

August 6, 2021

If your business currently uses a visitor management system, are you confident that it suits your requirements? Many visitor management systems can be outdated and basic, without the flexibility to suit your team or visitors’ requirements.

If you’ve had your visitor management system for a long time, you might have come across some issues with its suitability, stability and accessibility. Our VenposCloud software is designed to combat these common issues, meaning your business can enjoy and benefit from a smoother system that saves time.

Here are some common issues that might mean you need to upgrade to a VenposCloud system:

You’ve outgrown your visitor management software

Your business might have expanded over the years, adding different functions and departments as your visitor numbers have grown. If you’ve had the same visitor management software for quite a while, you might have found that it no longer suits its purpose as well as it did before.

VenposCloud is a long-lasting solution that can easily scale to suit the evolution of your business. This is because you can adapt the platform to add or remove different elements of functionality to support the different areas of your business’s operations. We take the time to understand your customers’ journey, and can provide a flexible solution that’s able to adapt to your business as it changes over time. This makes the software suitable for small to large businesses across multiple venues and locations.

You have to use multiple software to perform tasks

Outdated software might mean you can’t carry out your daily business operations without the help of another piece of software. This can make regular tasks time consuming and unnecessarily difficult, not to mention doubling the time you spend training new employees.

If you have to use multiple pieces of software just to run your business’s visitor management protocols, you may benefit from VenposCloud, which can enable you to handle business operations all in one place. With VenposCloud, you can access insights into your visitor data at your fingertips, with a simple and easy to use interface. This can also help your business reduce operational costs.

You can’t use it offline

Many visitor management systems rely on a strong internet connection, but this isn’t always reliable or even available in some locations. Issues with internet connectivity can make it difficult for remote businesses, which can cause costly disruption.

VenposCloud is a cloud-based visitor management and ticketing software that can store a large amount of data for your business, helping to speed up and synchronise your day-to-day processes. VenposCloud can also operate offline, without the need for expensive Internet infrastructure.

You can’t integrate it with other systems

In order to operate effectively, your visitor management system needs to be able to integrate with third party systems, such as e-commerce, CRM or finance solutions. Without integration, it’s likely you’ll have to spend extra time on admin and transferring data, when a more up-to-date system can do this seamlessly.

VenposCloud makes this simple, meaning visitor management data from your attraction booking software can automatically transfer over to your other systems. This can help save time and money, as well as improve security and streamline your business processes.

It’s difficult to navigate

Older, more complicated systems can be difficult to navigate, which poses challenges for new members of staff. This can mean extra time is spent on training, as well as the day-to-day use of convoluted software.

To help improve staff and visitor experience, VenposCloud is designed with simplicity in mind. This makes it easy for staff and volunteers to learn, speeding up administration time and reducing operational errors, giving your team more time to dedicate to visitors.

How can Vennersys Help?

At Vennersys, we’re here to help your business combat these common issues, and help streamline and simplify your processes. VenposCloud is our all-in-one, cloud based integrated system that can help address the major pain points your business encounters daily, and can help modernise your visitor management software to suit the needs of your expanding business.

To see VenposCloud in action, book a demo today and our sales team will walk you through how you can streamline your operations. Call us on 01922 472 044 or email to find out more.