Blenheim Palace use Vennersys Data for Artificial Intelligence to Predict their Visitor Numbers

Blenheim Palace use Vennersys Data for Artificial Intelligence to Predict their Visitor Numbers

November 26, 2020

Our prestigious customer Blenheim Palace is teaming up with Oxford Brookes University to develop innovative approaches to smart tourism and heritage management through AI-enabled real-time data.

They plan to do this by building on existing and new sources of data which will produce algorithms for predicting visitor numbers and profiles, as well as understanding live visitor flows on their site.

AI will also be used to enable better planning and management of staff, logistics, supplies, maintenance and hospitality. We are very proud that our customer is at the forefront of this movement which combines cutting edge technology, Vennersys data and Artificial Intelligence to improve and enhance their Visitor Attraction. It is very exciting to see Blenheim Palace become an early adopter of AI and we believe that this project will lead to improved efficiencies and operations in the Visitor Attractions market.

David Green, Head of Innovation plans to utilize the solution for two main areas of the visitor experience as part of the project. A new ‘Customer Insight and Prediction’ module will focus on predicting visitor numbers and will allow modelling for different scenarios, such as weather conditions and related visitor behaviour. The second part of the project will focus on mapping out what the visitor journey through Blenheim looks like, from the moment the customer books a ticket online, to the moment they arrive and enjoy Blenheim Palace. The intention is to understand what visitors do and create a system that can help staff anticipate visitor needs and deliver the best possible guest experience.

This project has been funded by ESRC and Innovate UK via the Knowledge Transfer Partnerships programme.

The work will be carried out by KTP Associate Dr Yayoi Teramoto, a recent PhD graduate from Oxford University, with assistance from Dr Matthias Rolf from the School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics and Dr Paul Jackson and Dr Diana Limburg of the Oxford Brookes Business School.

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