A day in the life of a Quality Assurance Test Analyst

A day in the life of a Quality Assurance Test Analyst

April 12, 2021

Hi Rach! Would you mind giving us an introduction to yourself and your role here at Vennersys?

Hello! I’m Rachel Wilmshurst, I’m a 25 year old Computer Science graduate and I joined Vennersys at the end of 2019 as a QA Test Analyst but have recently taken on the role of QA Lead!

So, what are your key responsibilities?

The main duty of my role is coordinating the testing process of the improvements made to the system by our developers, ensuring everything is working correctly and quality is maintained before we give the customers new features and fixes. Outside of this, I help with requirements gathering (important with assisting the developers in knowing what they are doing!), dabble in some investigation work with the support team where I may be able to lend a hand due to my knowledge of the product, and presenting the finished work to the rest of the company to keep everyone up to date on what the team has been up to behind the scenes!

Is there such a thing as a normal day in your role?

A normal day starts with the morning meeting with the developers and testers to get a quick update on what everyone’s up to and if there’s anything holding up progress….from there it will be testing anything that gets passed to us from the developers,  answering queries around requirements, creating test plans for upcoming work, adding to our automation flows…all sorts! Definitely never boring.

What makes Vennersys so different from the other places you have worked?

I have worked at the other end of the chain as the customer and although there are added pressures working for a vendor, it is much more exciting and I really feel that the effort I put in on a daily basis makes a big difference to a lot of people which makes it very rewarding. I am very good friends with a lot of other Vennersys employees and that only makes it more enjoyable – it is a close-knit family for sure.

What advice would you give to new starters at Vennersys?

Something that is widely welcomed at Vennersys is innovation and good ideas – don’t be shy to give your thoughts and opinions on improvements that can be made, I could point out many features that were implemented off the back of suggestions that I made.

Tell us what you like about the job and what are your thoughts on the Visitor Attraction industry?

I have learnt so much working at Vennersys, not just professionally but also about the visitor attraction industry and how big it really is and how much it is growing. I love all of the customers we work with and when I see on social media that someone I know has visited one of the attractions that we work with, I always get a little buzz!