How the Vennersys System Enables You to Be Flexible with Your Pricing

How the Vennersys System Enables You to Be Flexible with Your Pricing

August 18, 2022

A recent trend in the visitor attraction industry is changing the price of entry or other items within the venue depending on many factors.

An example of this would be the weather: on a rainy day, an indoor attraction might choose to increase the cost of entry as visitors might be eager to get out of the rain, whereas an outdoor attraction might look to decrease prices to entice more customers through the door.

Plus, certain market factors, such as a lack of availability or increased demand for a particular product, could also influence a price change to your advantage.

The VenposCloud system provides the capabilities needed for flexible prices

The VenposCloud ticketing system offers the flexibility your attraction needs to change your pricing at will. With the ticketing and admissions system, you can change all ticket prices instantly across all platforms where tickets to your venue are sold.

You may choose to do this in advance depending on weather forecasts, predicted market trends, or competitor performance.

Plus, by implementing the VenposCloud software into your gift shops, food stalls or cafés, you can set the prices of individual items depending on the day. You may choose to make ice cream a little cheaper in the winter, and your branded jumpers cheaper in the summer.

With VenposCloud, your whole venue stays connected

While each individual feature of the VenposCloud system operates separately, they are in constant communication through a central database. This means that any changes made on an individual access point is transmitted across the whole system instantly, so you will never sell an item for different prices in different locations.  

This also helps you manage ticket sales and stock levels throughout your venue, as any purchases made in one location are immediately transmitted to the central database and updated accordingly on other access points.

This helps prevent you from overselling tickets and overcrowding your attraction, stops you overselling products you may not keep on the gift shop floor, and helps you identify low-stock items that you could increase in price.

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