Timed Ticketing & Capacity Management: Essential As We Move Indoors

Timed Ticketing & Capacity Management: Essential As We Move Indoors

June 1, 2021

Earlier this month, lockdown measures lifted again, with indoor entertainment and visitor attractions able to open their doors once again. Whether you’re a pub, zoo, botanical garden, museum or gallery, it’s essential that you consider your capacities in order to reduce the possibility of overcrowding and support the health and safety of your visitors.

Below, we’ve outlined four ways you can manage your indoor capacities to ensure the safety of your guests.

Access Management 

One way to manage your capacities is through access management, a fast and secure method of guest admittance to your visitor attraction venue.

Our easy-to-use software, VenposCloud, features access management that validates and collects usage information in real-time from any of your admission-controlled entrance and exit points, enabling rich management information reporting on dwell times and an accurate headcount number for capacity management and tracking.

Being able to monitor the flow of people in and out of your attraction or event will allow you to keep track of how many people are in your venue at any one time. This will ensure that social distancing is being maintained between guests and allow you to identify busy and quiet periods of the day so that you can stagger people accordingly for optimal efficiency. Our system can also collect customer details to support any obligations your business may have, for example, to meet government test and trace guidelines. 

Events and Facilities Management 

Another way of managing capacities is through events and facilities management.

Our VenposCloud integrated event management module can create event bookings, part bookings, corporate bookings, and group bookings. The sale of tickets can also be switched on or off EPOS and online in line with your business’ needs. This will allow you to alter the amount of people permitted to buy your tickets in keeping with any guideline/rule changes that might occur.

Staff are also able to view all events taking place in a daily, weekly, or monthly format in the events calendar, allowing you to have easy access to what you have coming up and identify any busy periods. This solution further supports capacity limited events, tracked tickets and time ticket events as well as online and offline ticket validation.

Table Ordering 

With operators working hard to maintain social distancing in their venues, we have incorporated a catering module into our software to ensure guest safety. This enables visitors to order food and drinks themselves from their own device or pre-order them for a click and collect service.

Not only does this minimise contact between guests and staff, but it also helps you to manage your capacity, as there will be fewer queues and a reduced waiting time between customers. This solution can be fully integrated into the Vennerseys EPOS systems so that orders from any source can be managed simply within the kitchen. 

Tickets and Admission 

VenposCloud is our comprehensive e-commerce solution that allows you to sell tickets, timed tickets, merchandise and capacity limited experiences on the web, twenty-four hours a day, every day of the year. Not only does this system allow you to manage your capacities efficiently, but also it adapts to meet the needs of your business whilst complying with all COVID-19 safety measures. 

Manage your Capacities with Vennersys

At Vennersys, we have been working hard to support businesses and venues across the country by providing integrated ticketing and visitor management software following the coronavirus pandemic.

If you’d like to speak to a member of the Vennersys team, please contact us on 01922 472 044 or email info@vennersys.com.