Grow Your Visitor Attraction with Third-Party Bookings

Grow Your Visitor Attraction with Third-Party Bookings

December 20, 2021

Expanding available avenues to purchase tickets for your visitor attraction offers an innovative way to support the growth of your venue. With third-party bookings enabled, you can diversify your distribution, reach new customers and increase ticket sales across multiple platforms.

Our software VenposCloud is integrated with a range of third-party outlets, including services such as Tesco Clubcard, Shopify, Sage, Oracle, and Campaign Monitor.

Our new connection to Tourism Exchange GB (TXGB) allows people to book your visitor attraction via a number of distribution opportunities, including national campaigns and destination websites, alongside well known global brands such as TripAdvisor.

What does this mean for your visitor attraction? 

You can benefit from several value-adding services, such as being able to take direct external bookings for your attraction. This means individuals can make bookings to your venue from other websites. 

Your attractions can also benefit from additional connected features, such as Tesco Clubcard and, as well as centrally controlled services and seamless data sharing.

Third-party bookings 

A connection to TXGB allows your visitor attraction to take direct bookings from a variety of sales channels including online travel agents (OTAs), niche distributors and local destinations websites. Just one connection to TXGB will help you reach new customers, increase exposure of your visitor attraction, increase sales and provide your business with an opportunity for growth. 

Not only this, but your visitor attraction can also gain exposure in national and regional campaign opportunities. TXGB gives you access to over 80 destination websites including Tourism South East, Shakespeare’s England, The Cotswolds, Visit Bath & Bristol, Welcome to Yorkshire, This is Durham and many more.

You’ll also be connected to niche distributors, including VisitBritain Shop & the National Lottery Days Out campaign, Rugby League World Cup 2022 Squad Trips, England Originals, Explorers Road, several noted travel writers and bloggers, plus well known global brands where your visitors can now make direct bookings. 

Integrated features 

Access to other services such as Tesco Clubcard, Shopify, Sage, Oracle, and Campaign Monitor can help your visitor attraction meet diverse business objectives. For example, will help your attraction organise its event booking, allowing people to select certain seating when booking their tickets.

Our VenposCloud system is also integrated with a range of marketing tools such as (but not limited to) Campaign Monitor. These allow your attraction to expand your marketing, helping you increase exposure and encourage higher sales.

Centrally controlled

All our integrated third-party applications are controlled through one, easy-to-use system, which helps unify and enhance customer experience at all touchpoints. This means a more coherent customer journey both online and within your premises.

VenposCloud incorporates APIs between multiple applications, with our software providing a central hub that any third-party business management software can feed in or out of.

Centrally controlled services also enable business efficiency and operational cost savings. They help to automate complex processes and provide seamless data sharing

They also encourage customer reach and accelerate business growth through ticket sales and increasing visitor spend per head. 

Seamless data sharing 

With access to seamless data sharing with external services from a central hub, you can easily manage external sales and monitor data. This includes your attraction’s live availability, pricing and bookings across multiple distributors in a one-stop exchange. 

Data sharing can also help you better understand your customers, attract new ones and connect consumer experiences both online and on-site. Our software offers over 100 reports and business insights, which can be used to identify opportunities and make informed choices for growth, such as the analysis of member behaviour and consumer activity across internal and  external services.


We are leading providers in online integrated ticketing and point-of-sale solutions, offering a centralised system from which you can integrate with third-party solutions and encourage business growth.

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